PADI Educational Diving Programs are the most sought after qualifications within the Scuba Diving Industry regardless if it is for Recreational or Professional Divers and Instructors. PADI also enjoys accreditations from Governments and Educational Bodies outside the diving industry such, as NVQ’s in the UK and the ACE in the USA to name a few.

The PADI Courses and Programs are all performance based, meaning that all performance requirements of each section of any course must be completed before moving on to the next level. All PADI Course Materials are available via eLearning, manual format and now in a multipurpose digital format.

All PADI Dive Courses have mandatory Medical Statement requirements which needs to be completed by you or will  sometimes need to be approved by a qualified physician. A link to the necessary forms can be found below alongside the PADI Course descriptions.

Dive-In has arranged two main Training Packages available to you, both of which are dependent on your current level of training, certifications and dives currently logged. If you have not obtained any previous diving certifications until now this will not preclude you from pursuing what you would like to do, please contact us as we are able to assist you to meet prerequisite levels for ELC funded programs. We are also able to tailor make Packages and this is dependent on what you have already achieved Diver Certification wise.

All PADI Courses are listed below so as to provide you with all the relevant information, to help you to understand what is available and also to understand the order in which PADI Courses need to be completed in order to qualify for either package.

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