Speciality Course Description


Dry Suit Specialty Diver

If you want to keep warm and dry on those cold water dives then a dry suit is what you need. Learn to adjust your buoyancy and maintain your suit so that when you need it the most it's ready to go. There is also the "what do I wear underneath" session as well.


Wreck Specialty Diver

Explore the past of a wreck in the present with the PADI Wreck Diver course. Whether sunk intentionally or tragically, ship or plane wrecks are irresistible to divers. Through this course you get the skills, knowledge and procedures to answer the call of wreck diving.


Deep Specialty Diver

This course offers you a life time opportunity - Going deep to see things most people only dream about. You will experience what it is like to dive between 18 -40 meters. It's a different world down there and it takes additional training. Here is where you get it!


Enriched Air Specialty

Enriched Air (Nitrox) lets your extend you no stop time beyond those of diving on air. You will learn the importance of using correctly marked tanks/cylinders and how to analyse the enriched air fill. How to plan dives using enriched air using the enriched air tables and using a dive computer.


Navigation Specialty

You've planned your dive with your buddy, you've done the B.W.R.A.F check and set off. The dive site is all that you expected it to be now you are down to 100bar and need to start your return journey. BUT which way is it? The Navigation Specialty enhances the skills you picked up during your Advanced Open Water you to use your compass and natural landmarks, so that you know where you are at all times, just like reading a map on land and ensures that you return to your exit point as planned.


Search & Recovery Specialty

You've gone for a shallow 6 meter dive, there are a few swim throughs and large sandy patch and then a gulley. You return with plenty of air and start to de-kit....oh no you've lost your wedding ring. You'll not survive the night if you don't find it. Search and Recovery provides you with the knowledge of search patterns that will help you locate that most precious of items and make it through to tomorrow.


Multilevel Specialty

To maximise the amount of time that you dive for, the Multilevel Specialty gives you the knowledge to plan dives at varying depths. So on a dive location that has lots to see from 35 meters up to 5 meters you can see it all, all on one tank.


Diver Propulsion Vehicle(including DPV)

If you want to see a lot of the sea in a short space of time, the DPV Specialty is for you. You will learn to manoeuvre yourself through the water without damaging or disturbing the habitat around you and, have a lot of fun in the process.


Digital UW Photography(including Camera)

Photography has progressed in leaps and bounds in the past few years and Underwater Photography is not excluded. So you can use a 35mm or an SLR camera on land can you do the same at depth and still capture your subject in the right light. Put yourself to the test and create something magical.


Night Diver Specialty

You're getting ready for a big night out. You do you final checks that you have everything and out you go. The dive site that you thought you knew like the back of your hand is somewhere else tonight. This is amazing. And what was that strange critter, a night dweller in the beam of your torch, you didn't see it this morning. It must be a new species. Learn all about it in the Night Diver Specialty.


Peak Performance Buoyancy

If you want to be a great diver rather than a good one, Peak Performance Buoyancy is the Specialty for you. Teaching you to control your breathing to not only get the most of your dive time but also to ensure that you can control yourself in that


PADI Gas Blender

Enriched Air Gasblender & Trimix  Gasblender

Getting an insight in the secrets of Gas blending. A lot of important information will be provided during this program with respect to the safety of the diving equipment used. While learning you will blend your own Enriched Air and why not using it yourself on one of our fantastic dives.