ELC Application Process:

If you are registered with ELCAS Programs then you are eligible for 3 separate claims, only one claim per year is allowed and these can also be claimed up to 10 years after leaving the services.

Eligibility for the lower or higher tiers are as follows:

  • If served 4 or more years in the Armed Forces then you will be eligible for the Lower Tier of Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) – this is £1000 per annum
  • If served 8 or more years in the Armed Forces then you will be eligible for the Higher Tier of Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) – this is £2000 per annum

For further information on the current and up to date rules and regulations of the ELC systems of funding please go to the official ELCAS website http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com  where  you will find a great deal of information concerning HM Armed Forces Resettlement Courses and Enhanced Learning Credits, the restrictions, the application process and many Q&A’s. Just follow the links.

You can only apply to an MOD approved ELC provider to utilise your ELC grants. In the Diving field there are a few in the UK but only 1 ELC Scuba Service Provider is located outside the UK and in sunnier and warmer climes. Dive-In based in Cyprus, are the only Scuba Service Providers Approved by the MOD outside of the UK for any linked Resettlement training and/or ELC funded Diver Training.

The Course and Application Schedules for ELC Applicant submissions:

Your course start date will be determined by your current level of diving and the IE (Instructor Examination) dates. IE’s are held 4 times a year in Cyprus: March/April, June/July, September/October and November/December. When we know the Diver Certification level you are currently at we can then work backwards between 17 and 49 days weeks from the Exam schedule to define your start date. Please contact us directly concerning which part of the year you would wish to qualify.

As advised on the ELCAS website, remember you must plan ahead - allow sufficient time, sometimes a minimum of five weeks is required to gain approval for Overseas Training before starting your claim procedure and starting your course.

An outline chart of the claims schedule as provided by ELCAS is shown below.


The Steps

STEP 1  Learner Identifies Provider and Schedule

Using the ELCAS website Learner views approved providers in the category desired. Learner selects provider and confirms course dates.

STEP 2  Learner Submits Application

Learner downloads Form 005.01 from ELCAS website and fills in course details before forwarding to the Education Office for initial approval and checking. Here learner may need to justify the course eligibility from JSPs that it fits in with his Personal Development Plan that there a career in Diving is a genuine aim

STEP 3  Education Office Forward Application TO ELCAS

ELCAS give decision, and if okayed sends Candidate Approval Notification (CAN) to Learner via education Office.

STEP 4  Payments

Learner Pays 20% Personal Contribution to Provider to secure place on Course(s)

Learner applies for corresponding GRT Subsistence allowances if applicable.

STEP 5  Learner Attends Course

STEP 6  Learner if eligible reclaims up to £534 of their personal contribution through ITRC on completion of Course

Next Step:

Interested? The first step would be to speak to your Unit Education Officer or Resettlement Officer about making an application and this should be after speaking to us directly so we can formulate exactly what route you need to take. Each applicant is always different, they have differing levels of experience and some have enough dives to proceed, others need to log more dives prior to the course commencement. Some need to retrain depending on the time they have been away from diving, others need to attend pre Instructor Courses and so on, so we must speak and streamline your application so that it suits you personally as opposed to a standard package. 

When discussing matters with your IERO/IRO, remember to stress the advantage of training abroad- excellent conditions means no lost training days which is a regular occurrence in UK and can play havoc with your allotted Resettlement time allowance. Training in Cyprus means no weather issues on the whole and this in turn means more training possible within the timeframe available and a guarantee that your training can be completed on schedule. 

We are immediately on hand to answer any questions and to design a personal plan for you based on your levels of experience, your entitlements and schedule.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cyprus and to a fantastic new career as a PADI Professional!