To gain Open Water Instructor I need to do a number of lead up courses - is this allowed?


Eligibility of Claim Purpose

If a number of separate courses are undertaken but combine to form a discrete, single, learning purpose, as a single claim with a single learning provider, then ELC funds can be set against the total cost.

Can I use SLCs in Conjunction?


Eligibility of Claim Purpose

Those claiming support under the ELC scheme may not also claim simultaneous SLC. In consequence, SLC may not be used to fund an exam for a course of study which has been supported by ELC funding. However, if you are using your resettlement to cover other course before your ELC grant is utilised then you are able to utilise your SLC for personal training.

I need to accommodate myself on the course- can I use my GRT Accommodation and Incidental subsistence?    


Authority for Travel & Subsistence

Where ELC is being used in conjunction with IRTC and/or Graduated Resettlement Time, it may be permissible to claim both subsistence and travel in accordance with JSP 752 Chap 3 Section 1 Para 03.0138 and Chap 4 Section 1 Para

At the end of the course there are exams will ELCs cover the cost of these?


Study Meriting ELC Support

Pursuit of professional self-development in addition to that provided through Service professional training.
Vocational courses, providing there is direct benefit to the Service.
Examination fees in respect of types of courses listed above, whether preceded by course fees or not.

Some Providers are charging me for materials will ELCs cover the cost?


Eligibility for Claim Purpose

ELC grants:   Exclude payment for food, accommodation, travel, subsistence and course books or other materials for which there are additional charges  and which are, therefore, the individual claimant’s responsibility

NB. If your materials are included as standard in your course cost JSPs would imply they can be covered. If however you need to, or choose to purchase your own- they cannot be covered separately.

ELCAS regulations require than your ELC funded training results in a NVQ LEVEL 3 (or above) or Equivalent qualification. The PADI Open Water Scuba instructor qualification meets this requirement. To become an Instructor however you need to be complete the pre-courses first unless you are qualified with another agency that will be of similar levels thus allowing you to cross-over to the world recognised PADI system.


So What’s Next?

Now you know the basics about how the key army resources for retraining can fit together, you now need to decide what you want to do and put all this information into practice. Many ex-servicemen and women take up a trade after leaving the forces; to do this you will need to train in your chosen field. Access is a vocational training provider with close links to the services. We allow you to use your ELCs and IRTCs to their full advantage whilst the flexibility of our courses allows you to use your GRT to learn in tandem with your current career.

To learn more about the huge range of vocational courses that Access provide for servicemen and women, visit the rest of our website or call one of our experienced and knowledgeable team on 0800 345 7492 today, and take the first step on your brand new ca